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This is theoretical software. The project started articulating on September 2007. The technical implementation is a consequence of xname’s reflections on archiving, licensing and creating digital files. The Soul of a File is a proposal to solve the problem of metadata compatibility (December 2007). The concept of independent entity without owners is a step towards a non-state of non-property.


xname - inventor, technical development and theory

agagag - web application

Gabor Papp - fluxus visualisation

Eleonora Oreggia - research and design

Special thanks (in chronological order) to Federico Prando Bomboclat, Jaap Vermaas, Ronald Siebes, Margreet Riphagen, Florian Schneider, Cristian Maglie, Graham Harwood, Antonios Galanopoulos, Art is Open Source, Larisa Blazic and Furtherfield Gallery.

This project has been supported by Jan van Eyck Academie from September 2008 to August 2009, and it was included in the Imaginary Property research framework.

This website and the database of souls are kindly hosted by Tuxic.


Join our low traffic mailing list mailing-list or contact us to get involved.

You can use this software to archive your files. You can also make custom releases to fit your purposes, or contact us and ask for one. Adding this icon to your site, you state that your files are Virtual Entities. Have fun defining your Ontologies.